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Effective use of the marketing budget

As digitalization increases in companies, the importance of a sustainable customer data environment cannot be overstated. You can achieve much more with less budget if you shift some of your marketing budget to data management.


With Guided Analytics, we can help you become a better marketeer. What questions can you ask your data to generate campaign optimizing insights? Which answers deliver the most value? What has gone well and why, what can improve and how? With Guided Analytics we help you provide valuable insights for the whole organisation.


How can you better evaluate omnichannel campaigns? Where can you get an overview of your different customer segments and their characteristics? How can you compare your most important metrics and KPI’s to monitor progress and track improvements? With PRDCT Reporting, we can quickly develop a customised dashboard offering all the insights you need.

Maturity Scan

The PRDCT maturity scan helps you determine the steps necessary to get more value from your customer data. We help you to get to the next level in terms of customer data.

Use Case | Customer Service

Accurate customer data has many uses. One of these is to help service centres employees answer customer enquiries via mail, phone or chat. The service desk system can connect to PRDCT to access complete real time customer overviews containing the complete customer history to ensure call centre employees can help the customer quickly and efficiently.

Use Case | Omni-channel campaign orchestration

With PRDCT it’s possible to publish the same audiences over multiple channels. PRDCT also combines customer behaviour data gathered from multiple channels. The combination of these aspects makes managing multi-step campaigns easy. Because PRDCT includes integrated customer data, it’s the ideal source for AI developments in an omni-channel situation.

Use Case | Automatic lead follow-up

Leads are saved in multiples places, including in web databases and CRM systems. Using PRDCT it’s possible to collect leads from the various places where they are stored, combine them into one list and then automatically push them to a telemarketing system, or sales lists in a CRM system where they can be assigned to account managers.

Use Case | Personalised loyalty programmes

PRDCT can connect to a wide range of loyalty systems. This makes it easy to incorporate customer vouchers, points and discount codes, irrespective of customer channel. Perfectly customized loyalty: personal, relevant, hugely valuable.

Use Case | Web and In App personalisation

Tag management and web intervention systems are applications that dynamically alter content based on a user’s profile or behaviour. PRDCT feeds dynamic content systems with rich user profiles allowing them to deliver ideal personalized content.

Use Case | Advertising

Using PRDCT you can produce and maintain audiences that can then be published as customer audiences in Facebook or Google Ads. These audiences can be used to run targeted advertising campaigns.

Use Case | E-mail

E-mail is an important communication channel. One of its many advantages is flexibility: it can be used to approach customers in a wide range of situations, with a wide range of messages. Everything from sending standard newsletters to crafting engaging personalized mails can be done with mail and PRDCT enables them all.

PSA Groupe

_PRDCT provided a solution to PSA by setting up separate PRDCT Customer Data Platforms for each PSA brand (Peugeot, Citroen, DS), synchronizing the data models and logic across the platforms. Using the PRDCT Apps, marketeers can easily push data to multiple campaign tools across multiple channels, quickly and efficiently reacting to new opportunities. Permissions are processed and applied automatically using the PRDCT permission manager. PSA’s data scientists also use the platform to dynamically fill audiences using intelligent algorithms and generate useful additional insights

Bilderberg Hotels

_Bilderberg Hotels has been providing the best possible service for over 85 years. Personal attention, expertise and outstanding locations make every stay a wonderful experience, whether you are traveling for leisure or business. Bilderberg wants to get a more accurate ‘integrated’ view of their customers: who are they, what sort of customer are they (business or leisure), what is important to them and why do they visit?

Koninklijke Auping

_The PRDCT Customer Data Platform is the foundation for all customer knowledge within Auping across all channels. An important part of customer knowledge is to ensure privacy, which means taking every permission into account, whether its been given via online or offline channels. PRCT provides a fully automated solution for this. The PRDCT API Platform is used to link the service desk to PRDCT to provide real time customer insights.


Libéma, with more than 20 locations, is one of the largest leisure concerns in The Netherlands. The PRDCT Customer Data Platform collects all online and offline customer data, across all the holiday and amusement parks. Data from ticket sales, reservations, subscriptions, leads, mail campaign responses, web analytics and customer survey data are unified to create a 360-degree customer view. Permissions from visitors and guests are collected and unified by PRDCT so they can be managed by the marketers themselves. Standard attribution reports are used for accountability towards management.
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