All your client data in one place

_The PRDCT Managed Data Platform combines all your client, prospect and lead data together in one place, GDPR proof. Our PRDCT apps support your customer interactions throughout the customer journey. The platform adds value for everyone who works with customer data, not just marketing, sales and customer service.

PRDCT's uses

What you see is what you pay
A transparent business model

_We believe in an honest approach and a balance between costs and benefits.


We work with a monthly license fee system and will never surprise you with hidden costs or unexpected extras.


We know how important good support is in supplier relationships. We will always go out of our way to deliver more than you expect.

Listen to your customer
The worth of customer data

_Exceeding your customers’ expectations generates customer value.


Expectations differ from person to person. You know how you want to engage with your customers. We give you the tools, customer insights and understanding to be able to do this.


You gain maximum value from your customer data, and through this, from your customer interactions.

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