A winning combination

PRDCT and advertising

Facebook and Google Ads advertising optimalisation

_Use PRDCT to optimize ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. With PRDCT, you can create audiences and then share them as Custom Audiences on Facebook or via Google Ads.


You can use Custom Audiences to run 3 different types of ad campaigns:

  • You can push personalized ads to known customers that exactly match their customer preferences
  • You can target lookalike customers based on a specific set of customer characteristics which you’ve built in the PRDCT Audience Builder
  • You can build custom audiences which exclude existing customers from specific campaigns so that you can use your ad budget more efficiently or push different messages to customers and non- customers.


By using the integrated customer data available in the PRDCT platform, you increase the effectiveness of your tailored audiences, the success of your ad campaigns and your return on advertising spend.

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