Automatic, personalised e-mail campaigns

PRDCT and E-mail

Personalized content drives increased engagement. Personalizing customer e-mails increases success. Effective e-mail campaigns start with identifying which messages resonate best with which customer segments. Then you can build your audiences accordingly.


Equally important is approaching customers at the right time via the right communication medium. PRDCT allows you to tailor the message, the medium and the timing and push your message out via any major e-mail marketing tool or other channel you choose.


Running successful e-mail campaigns requires customer consent

Managing consent can be a challenge. Opt-ins and outs can change frequently, often via different channels: on the website when making a purchase, via lead generation forms or unsubscribe links, or even when the customer visits a physical store. PRDCT gathers together all these different consent choices, for every customer, and ensures that the most recent consent choices for every option are clear.


Using PRDCT, relevant consent can then be merged automatically with mailing lists, audiences and campaigns to ensure that no unrequested customer contact ever takes place. You can schedule a daily update to your mail tool containing everyone who has requested an opt-out. These customers will then automatically be removed from any planned campaign audiences.


Scheduled or ad hoc

With PRDCT Audience Builder and Publication Manager it’s easy to create one-off audiences which can then be pushed to your mail tool for an ad hoc campaign.



One of the most common e-mail use cases is the regular newsletter. When using PRDCT for your newsletters, consent is always accurate and your mailing list is always up-to-date.


Personalized mail campaigns

The richness of data integrated in PRDCT makes it easy to create personalized content. Customer characteristics can be used to segment customers, build audiences and approach each group using the most relevant, resonant message for them.


From simple selections to complex combinations based on characteristics and behaviour, the possibilities for segmentation and personalization are endless. Everyone who has browsed a product page multiple times in the last week but hasn’t made a purchase. Or everyone aged 25 to 35 who has spent more than 50 euros in store and has visited the website recently. Or all customers with a calculated Customer Lifetime Value score above a particular level. Each separate customer group can receive the attention that suits them best.


Birthday mailings

Marking customers’ birthdays, special anniversaries or other important milestones is another popular use case with PRDCT platform users. Birthday mailings can be set up as automated campaigns for your mail tool. Or the contact can also take place in print, or by sending a gift or promotional item. If you know your customers’ birthdays, it’s easy to make special birthday audiences in the Audience Builder. PRDCT then maintains the data in an automatically updated mailing list, so that the mail campaigns are sent automatically at the right time.


Pre en Post campaigns

When we talk about Pre and Post Campaigns, we’re talking about mail campaigns relating to the lifecycle of a specific product or service.


Examples include hotel or holiday park reservations, health club appointments or a car service appointment. Before the date, the customer may receive a “pre” e-mail with relevant details about the appointment. After the appointment, the customer receives a “post” or follow-up mail, to check they are satisfied with the service they received or if they have any follow-up requests.


You can take things further by combining pre and post campaigns with up and cross sell. Extra service offerings tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of the customer can be offered: early check in, valet parking, breakfast or even early bird booking discounts on a follow-up stay. Pre and post campaigns allow you to specifically target offerings based on specific customer preferences.


Pre and post campaigns can also be fully automated. PRDCT allows you to create audiences and then ensure e-mails are only sent once. For service e-mails, the period between appointments can be stored in PRDCT and a follow-up scheduled automatically.


Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Up and cross sell campaigns focus on expanding your customer interests to cover extra products or services. Sometimes, this comes in the form of an advertising mail where explicit consent is required. It can also take the form of a service campaign, where implicit consent exists.


Up and cross-sell campaigns are most effective when they are tailored to specific product, service, characteristic and preference combinations. The extensive “know your customer” model required to do this is where the PRDCT platform really shines: extra information is constantly being added to existing customer profiles to provide ever richer insights, which in turn can be further enriched using predictive analytics.

In the PRDCT platform, this information can then be easily integrated with your mail system to ensure the customer interaction strategy is optimised for cross and upselling.


Win-back campaigns

Win-back campaigns are all about trying to entice old customers who haven’t bought anything in a while to come back. Because PRDCT maintains both customer history and consent, you can clearly see when a customer has fallen away and under which circumstances you may still approach them. Based on a combination data and analytical insights, you can determine the optimal win-back action, timing and channel combination. If desired, these sorts of actions can be fully automated.


Refer a friend and “member to member” campaigns

Another popular e-mail campaign involves rewarding existing customers when they refer new customers, allowing you to expand your potential customer base through referrals. Actions run via a website or online web shop to refer new customers often involve rewards, both for the recruiter and for the new customer. PRDCT can couple with the loyalty system so that both the existing and the new customer can receive rewards in the form of points, vouchers or discount codes.

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