A managed data platform

_The PRDCT data platform is hosted and managed, by us, for you. Working together with your IT department, we connect to all your customer data systems then integrate the data in the PRDCT platform, producing your unified customer view. We ensure that the integrated data can be pushed to all your customer interaction tools. We do the heavy lifting, including modelling and integrating the data. We ensure that prepared, easy-to-use data is available for you to use via all the PRDCT apps and your whole suite of marketing tools. We do the behind-the-scenes but essential work of pulling together all your data into integrated 360-degree customer views, empowering you to activate your clients however you desire.

Our PRDCT apps

Customer activation and customer interaction

Tooling we work with

We integrate with various customer activation and customer interaction systems. The intelligent selections or audiences you create on the PRDCT platform can be published manually or automatically to these tools. With our Publication Manager you set up this integration, supported by us.

The results of the interaction are collected back into the PRDCT platform. You can use this behavioural data to automatically update the selections of existing audiences, improve audiences or create new ones.

Mail and campaign management systems

_We integrate with all major mail and campaign management systems including Selligent, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, DeployTeq, Spotler, Bloomreach and all others. If you use other tools, our generic publication manager provides out-of-the-box functionality for the majority of tools and platforms available. You can always ask us for more specific information.

This e-mail use case provides more information: e-mail use case.


_PRDCT provides fully-automated synchronisation with Google Ads, Pinterest and Facebook. More over how this works can be found here: advertising use case.

Customer service systems

_PRDCT has an API platform that allows tools to dynamically query data from the platform. We use this API platform to deliver data on-demand. The customer service use case tells you more about it.

Web intervention- / tag management systems

_For personalization of websites and apps, we integrate a number of web intervention systems, such as Blueconic, Bloomreach, SMFC, Squeezely and all otherse, but also Google stack. And we also support A/B testing tools, such as Optimizely and VWO. There are many tools in circulation, you can always ask us if we can work with your tool as well. You can read more about the web and app personalization use case.


_CRM systems are not just the supplier of customer data for PRDCT. We also support CRM functionality, like lead follow-up campaigns. Please read more about this in our automatic lead follow-up use case. We integrate with Salesforce for example, but there are many other CRM systems out there. Please contact us if you want to know if we can work with your CRM system as well.

Loyalty systems

_PRDCT can integrate with a number of loyalty systems, like Intersolve and Magento. Read more about this in the personalised loyalty use case.

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