Ideal for omni-channel multi-step campaigns

PRDCT contributes to omni-channel campaign success

Omni-channel, multi-step campaigns

_PRDCT can be used in campaigns to push to the same audience via multiple channels. Because PRDCT integrates customer behaviour data gathered from all channels into one central customer view, these insights can then be recycled to support multi-step campaigns. For example, an e-mail can be followed by direct mail, then by a phone call if the previous actions have had no results, all seamlessly combined into one customer journey thanks to PRDCT.



Because PRDCT contains an integrated, organised, complete set of customer data, it’s the ideal source for complex algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Given the right inputs, these algorithms can determine the ideal moment to approach a customer, with the ideal message via the ideal channel. This allows you to deliver what the customer needs at exactly the right moment.

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