Realtime customer data for the Customer Service team

PRDCT and Customer Service

Service Desk – Service Support

_PRDCT supports more than just marketing automation. You can also connect PRDCT to your customer service system, used by the customer service team in their customer interactions. PRDCT unifies data from multiple source systems into one complete customer view. This unified customer data can then be pushed to the customer service system. When customers contact the service centre, the service centre team have access to a complete set of customer information, covering history, past purchases, previous contacts, order and return statuses and a whole host of other useful information, ensuring the team can assist customers swiftly and accurately.



PRDCT also includes an API platform which makes it easy to push data securely in real time to all your organisation’s systems. The customer service system can access complete customer profiles from PRDCT via the API platform so that service desk employees have access to up-to-date relevant information whenever the customer calls.

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